We are a leading developer of waste energy recycling technologies for industrial applications in China, and we differential ourselves from other competitors by applying a BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) model to provide energy saving and recovery facilities for multiple energy intensive industries.


China Recycling Energy Corporation (“CREG” or “the Company”) considers "integrity、innovation、achievement  and harmony" as the core essence in all the operation and management activities of the whole group companies. Representing the value preferences in decision-making and operation and management behaviors of the company, they are a compatible combination, of which integrity is the foundation, innovation is the engine, achievement is the objective and harmony is the security

 Integrity: Be honest and keep integrity, speak and act truthfully  

Integrity is the basic requirement for enterprises in the marketing economy. The company considers integrity as the foundation of existence, the basics of development and the source of credit standing. The CREG is engaged to implement the integrity principle in all-around ways.

 Innovation: Keep pace with the time and promote development and innovation  

Innovation is an inexhaustible power for the development, and the source of vitality for the company. The essential elements on innovation are to embody the tendency of the times, find out the practical truths and be highly creative. To comply with the requirements laid as to “come up with new ideas for development, make new breakthroughs in reform, break new ground in opening up, and take new moves in all fields of endeavors”, the company strives by all means to improve innovation capacities.

 Achievements: Outstanding performance creates excellence  

Excellence in performance is the ultimate target for all the business activities of the company, and the key indicator to reflect the development status of the enterprise, and as well the important yardstick to evaluate the contribution of the company and employees. The success of the company is attributed to each employee’s achievement. The company considers achievements as a combination of reflecting the social contributions, improving enterprise’s values and realizing the employees’ individual values.

 Harmony: unity and collaboration build harmony  

Harmony is an important security for normal operation and sustained development of CREG. Inner harmony produces power of development, outer harmony provide good environment of survival and development.

 Operation and Management Objective  

To become a well-known recycling energy solution provider, top in China and leading in the world.

   Corporate Values  

Serve the society sincerely, and achieve the maximum value of the customers, enterprise and employees.