Gas-to-Energy Solution

Waste gas power generation: utilize flammable waste gas emitted from industrial production process. This kind of power generation consisting of Gas-fired boiler power generation, internal combustion engine power generation and gas - steam combined cycle power generation may efficiently reduce pollution.

Gas-fired boiler power generation: utilize fuel or other energy to heat water till high-temperature or convert them into vapor or steam to drive turbine. In this way, kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy.

Internal combustion engine power generation: introduce fuel into cylinder and combust the fuel to generate high temperature gas to force piston move. In this way, kinetic energy can be converted into electricity energy.

Gas - steam combined cycle power generation: compress air through compressor so as to combust high-temperature air and fuel together, thus drive turbine and generate electricity.

Applicable industry: iron and steel, building materials, petrochemicals, chemicals, non-ferrous metal industries.